The Neistat brothers are back …

I read this article in the and remembered their first video about stealing bikes.  Now it is Casey Neistat who made a new video.

“I recently spent a couple of days conducting a bike theft experiment, which I first tried with my brother Van in 2005.  I locked my own bike up and then proceeded to steal it, using brazen means — like a giant crowbar — in audacious locations, including directly in front of a police station. I wanted to find out whether onlookers or the cops would intervene.  What you see here in my film are the results.”

for the new video ;

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2 thoughts on “The Neistat brothers are back …

  1. This is just so amazing? I remember the earlier videos that he and his brother did together. What kind of reaction would something like this get in the Netherlands?


    1. This would get the same reaction in the Netherlands. I’ve experienced it myself many years ago, when I had to “steal” my own bike because I lost my only key. Before by-passers could intervene, I was on forehand explaining the reason of what I was doing. But I’m sure that if I hadn’t said anything, nobody would give a damn …..
      I think that a national television-program in which “bike-thieves” are stealing a bike (like candid-camera) , will open eyes and change the opinion about bike thieves.
      For now, we only have internet ……..


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