To the Provincial Government …

Yesterday, me and most of my colleagues went to the provincial government in Middelburg. We were there to ask for support for our employer.

Our employer is the only producer of elementary Phosphorus in western-Europe. Over the past 100 years all small and non-profitable phosphorus-furnaces in Europe stopped producing. Only with much knowledge , experienced employees and a large-scale equipment, it is possible to make this busyness pay.

Just as some of us are climate-sceptical, there are people who deny that peak-phosphate will occur within a couple of years. But wise people are preparing for a future in which we depend on recycled-phosphorus. We started producing this (green) way a few years ago and still have a long way to go; but I’m sure we will manage.

For more info, I have uploaded some documents in the Box (look at the widget on the left).