I find it interesting how others are using bokeh in their photos. More and more I’m using  DOF and bokeh in my photos to express some sort of “feeling”.  For instance the feeling I have with Autumn …..   then I want to see the typical autumn-colours in the background and a naked branch without any leaves within the Depth Of Field.


But if I want to express the situation how we strolled through the Ardennes with our dog, it would look like this ….


I like the way you can use bokeh to get two subjects into one photo-frame … Especially when a series of photos more or less have the same people or animals as main subject, you can focus on other things within the DOF without totally losing your subject in bokeh.

But it’s hard to decide which subject needs to be in bokeh, there’s not always time to do both .

I’ll have to exercise a lot more and in the mean time will search for some advice and info from other photographers …

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