autumn in the Ardennes

We have been to the Ardennes to realize that autumn has started. 

In the forests, the change between seasons is much clearer than along the coastline where we live.


This area is a lovely pace to visit ; “Tombeau du Géant” near Bouillon.


Our dog stays back and forth between us, so that we never lose each other,   a real shepherd  …

the colors in October




Nature brings the child back up ….


Marjan sees too much, …  birds …. mushrooms ….. plants …. insects …. fungi ….. and everything has to be determined !


….  and photographed


exposure is important …


I bought a LED light for this kind of photography …


I have used a Rotolight here and it works great, just because you can set the color temperature.

In the past I used a flash, but review of the result with flash is only possible afterwards.

You can move a lamp for as long as the result of light and shadow is perfect.


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