our way of having a vacation over the last 35 years .

A brief history of our campers and our vacations …

The first years we didn’t have the money, so we travelled simple and cheap with our old “bakfiets”.

We had a lot of fun, but couldn’t get out of our flat and windy Zeeland.

wachten op het veerplein in Breskens

camping in Groede
To get further away from our home, we started to travel by train and bus.

Backpacking with our two little daughters was fun also !

After 20 years they still remember all the travelling adventures they had as a young child !

But then there was this day I had to carry 30 kg and Marjan 16 kg in our backpack.

Jes carried the lightweight sleeping bags and Rea all our candy …
That day it was also raining, when a little camper parked next to our tent.

The owners didn’t even open the doors and after 5 minutes the scent of their coffee made us decide that we needed a camper too !

We bought this old MB 207 and a colleague called it “de gele frietkar” (the yellow chips stand).

I managed to keep it rolling for quite a few years and we learned how to use a camper in civilised Europe.

But after a while more than 30% of the framework was rusted and we decided to buy a new one.

A Mitsubishi L300 based Chinook!

The children slept like princesses in the alcove

But we had an accident in France and the Mitsubishi was total-loss !

We decided to transplant the camper on an old MB100 which I had bought.

And we were able to travel all over Europe again !

The next video gives a nice impression of the way Marjan and I travelled to the NE of Spain in 2011, using the Bielsa-tunnel.

When 2500 kg of old metal and plywood has served your family for so many miles,

it feels like dismissing a familymember when giving it away …  

It’s amazing how humans are able to build up a “relation” with a stupid vehicle 😉

In october 2011 we bought a new 7.2 meter long camper. A Roller Team Granduca 65 !

short trip through Normandy in December 2011 ;

and another trip in May 2012 to the Spanish Pyrénées ;

a photoslide … 2012;

September 2014 Spanish Pyrenees.


2015 to Italy : 


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