The future of photography ?

Image processing taken to the next level ?

Is Meero the future of photography ?

On their site they explain :

 “How can an algorithm perform as well as a professional photographer when executing such a subjective and complex task? The answer resides in the principle of gradient-based learning. By using a deep neural network that mimics the way the brain works, Meero can make a use of the errors the network’s neurons output and compute its gradient using convex optimization methods. By then, using the chain-rule to correct this error from the end to the beginning of the network, and repeating the operation millions of times using Meero’s database, the proprietary deep learning algorithm performs as well as a professional photographer when enhancing pictures.”

I personally do not want the meaning of photography (or even art) is fouled by processing with algorithms.   I think Meero will maintain an artificial and wrong world view. No photographs of refugees, war, misery, broken-up cities, demolished nature, divorces, tsunamis, disabled people, etc, etc.

Only a future where Donald Trump will “make photography great again” …

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too old to die young, but still making love and not war

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