As long as my parents are deceased, I use a teaspoon with this logo without exception … I only inherited two identical ones …

inherited from the legacy of my grandfather.

My father inherited the spoons from his father and often told me about the meaning of the letters IOGT.

My grandfather had many specific principles and worldviews … and he was not ashamed of that! On the contrary, he supported many organizations and one of those organizations was the IOGT “International Organization of Good Templars

In an old copy of the Dutch magazine “WIJ” from the year 1936 (also in the inherited inheritance) it is clear how active my grandfather was …


Every time I drink a nice strong cup of coffee, I see the letters IOGT and think of the idealism with which my grandfather supported all sorts of “good causes” to counter division and poverty among the people … Still ignorant that this division and poverty would cause a world war …

I’m glad I do not have to explain to him that 80 years later someone like Trump will be democratically elected president of the United States …
Somewhere something went wrong.

Published by wim harwig

too old to die young, but still making love and not war

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