It’s known as an “Pueblo Abandonado”, but I’m not sure if it really was left voluntarily … Esco

“A Franco-era dam flooded (almost) everyone out of this centuries-old Aragonese town.”

Source: Abandoned Village of Esco – Sigüés, Spain – Atlas Obscura

If you’re careful and aware of the dangers of an unlocked ruin, you can make beautiful pictures …


I was and will not be the only photographer who has been here…

Marjan used her small camera too …

Esco dates officially back to at least the 12th century, archaeological evidence suggest the land around the village has been inhabited more or less continually since the Bronze Age.

Witnessing the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, conquest by the Vandals and the Moors, the unification of the Spain, and the proxy war that presaged World War II, Esco was ultimately abandoned due to an act of civil engineering.

Only a part of the church’s roof is collapsed; it is otherwise in sound condition, with a sturdy stone staircase leading to the top of the bell tower.

During our walk, my thoughts were with all those people who have worked here all their lives since the Bronze Age to leave good conditions for their offspring …

Too bad that the last 3 generations have destroyed all of that …

But … there is hope! Like Maurizio in Italy shows in the video below …

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