We drove at ease through Aragon. A beautiful area where a proud people have lived for centuries, just listen to this song …

Beauty is often in the little things …
Even with a simple camera you can make nice pictures
But the most important thing is to “see” the photo before you can take it

It is a pity that the old culture of living in small villages nowadays suffers from migration to the big city. I expect that the coming energy- and economy transition will cause a reversal movement. Today’s youth will appreciate the value of nature and freedom higher than the “life-style” advertisements presented on recruitment agency sites.


So I hope that the new generation with the knowledge and resources of today will give a new boost to all the infrastructure that is still there. Please do not adjust anything for the use of motorized traffic, so leave the streets narrow. Ensure that the “old” social traditions (such as a common bread oven) are maintained and only modernize it with current techniques. Make sure that everything is repairable and adjust it as much as possible to the possibilities of the environment …

Geologists can indulge themselves in this country …
For the fauna, it is important that flora gets the chance to die naturally …
I feel guilty that as a representative of the consumer generation I am driving through this beautiful nature with a polluting diesel engine …

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too old to die young, but still making love and not war

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