It’s known as an “Pueblo Abandonado”, but I’m not sure if it really was left voluntarily … Esco “A Franco-era dam flooded (almost) everyone out of this centuries-old Aragonese town.” Source: Abandoned Village of Esco – Sigüés, Spain – Atlas Obscura If you’re careful and aware of the dangers of an unlocked ruin, you canContinue reading “Esco”

Through the Basque region from France to Spain …

We were in Moliets-Plage when we read about the fire in Notre-Dame … The Basque region is fantastic to travel through … With our camper we want to be free, in a quiet and interesting place in nature, with an eye on the local history … Despite the low water level, photography was pleasant aroundContinue reading “Through the Basque region from France to Spain …”

Retired and then enjoy living in France!

A former fellow student of Marjan is retired and has decided to live in the South of France … during our vacation we visited her. Her house has more or less remained in its original state as it was bought years ago. I tried to capture the romantic and inviting appearance. Nowadays she’s living likeContinue reading “Retired and then enjoy living in France!”