old books and memories

Fortunately, I still have them, those old scout books. Because of the planned reunion, I read them again. As a result, many memories come to the surface again. It’s been about 50 years ago … times have changed a lot … parenting has changed … pastimes have changed … the media have been renewed … honest and trustworthy changed from a virtue into a drawback …

The books were written in the time that Indonesia was still a colony of the Netherlands. At a time when the Netherlands was considered a fully Christian country. In a time of reconstruction after the Second World War. In a time of paternalistic governance.

But the books are written with good intentions … preparing the growing youth to live in a social peace-loving society that only has good intentions with all the natural riches of the earth.

I can’t remember if I spoke the word “God” during the boy scout promise …

If I have done that, then that is done from a youthful naivety.
As long as I can remember, I have not been a believer.
I have, throughout my life, done my best to abide by the Boy Scouts Act. And I know that most people (unconsciously) do that too.

The laws are based on normal realistic human behavior and are therefore easy to follow in peaceful situations.

Of course I sometimes have trouble with law number 8!

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too old to die young, but still making love and not war

One thought on “old books and memories

  1. Well said Wim!

    I would agree that No 8 is at times very troublesome and cannot always be practised.
    No. 7 is in some cases even more troublesome but I presume may in specific cases be waved as it is overruled by No. 1, 2 and 10 amongst others…………..

    P.S. I still like the original version. Am not that impressed with the latest so called improved versions. But that may be just me, me thinks. …………..

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