19 days left

In the beginning …
the slag from furnace 3 was taken away by train
Hoechst Holland N.V. Vlissingen-Oost.

“The Furnace House is a nice story” is said in this video (5:10) and “blowing up the Furnace House with explosives is a milestone at Thermphos”

That may apply to a demolition worker, but it is an insult to people who have worked there all their lives.
It’s like when the executioner watches with great pleasure how his guillotine (expertly sharpened by the condemned to death) cleaves the neck
and then calls it a milestone.

Fortunately, everyone who works there has a down-to-earth mind to leave the whole area clean in a safe and human way. Nobody makes themselves fooled by whoever!

Published by wim harwig

too old to die young, but still making love and not war

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