the crow

I have a soft spot for crows. The carrion crows that had their territory where I usually walk our dog have disappeared. I don’t know why, because it was a strong family who had lived there for many years. Last April the female was still brooding in their nest and I saw her male (together with their last year’s young) feeding her regularly during brooding. Suddenly they were all gone… I hope they haven’t been chased or killed by humans …

In recent weeks, another carrion crow visits our garden regularly. He searches and forages for food. He already has a fair view of the people who live in our street, because he is observing us daily from the rooftops.

I don’t want to tame him, but I would like him to clearly recognize and greet me. Every now and then put down a bit of food and keep making the same sound as a greeting to him … should work to take away his fear of me.

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