Today jackdaws ate all the food that was meant for the crow …

Sometimes I get the impression that the natural social behaviour among jackdaws was an example for the Republicans in the USA. Read for instance this quote in Wikipedia: …

“In his book King Solomon’s RingKonrad Lorenz described and analysed the complex social interactions in a western jackdaw flock that lived around his house in AltenbergAustria. He ringed them for identification and caged them in the winter to prevent their annual migration. He found that the birds have a linear hierarchical group structure, with higher-ranked individuals dominating lower-ranked birds, and pair-bonded birds sharing the same rank.[64] Young males establish their individual status before pairing with females. Upon pairing, the female assumes the same social position as her partner. Unmated females are the lowest members in the pecking order, and are the last to have access to food and shelter.[64] Lorenz noted one case in which a male, absent during the dominance struggles and pair bondings, returned to the flock, became the dominant male, and chose one of two unpaired females for a mate. This female immediately assumed a dominant position in the social hierarchy and demonstrated this by pecking others. According to Lorenz, the most significant factor in social behaviour was the immediate and intuitive grasp of the new hierarchy by each of the western jackdaws in the flock.[64]

Female Jackdows are lucky that all Jackdows are black 😉

And because I was busy with the camera photographing the Jackdaws, I also made a tour through the rest of our garden.

Covid-19 time is gardening time !

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