Chistmas again …

It’s that time of year again … Christmas or as some say X-mas. Also for Atheists, it is a pleasant time that thanks to the long tradition, reminds me of all previous Christmases, especially those where my parents still lived and those where my children were still small children.

Every year, exactly on the day after Sinterklaas is celebrated, the Christmas tree is set up.

In fact, I bought our plastic Christmas tree about 30 years ago because I thought it a shame to buy a real tree to throw away after a few weeks. So our old Christmas tree has become a tradition within the tradition… 

Marjan decorates the tree every year as if it were the first time, but again every year with the old Christmas balls and things.

Traditionally, the Christmas tree stands in front of the old Frisian tail clock, which my parents bought after their wedding in 1935

The Christmas tree is to look at, but to smell Marjan has picked various scented herbs from our garden. A good idea ! If you pass through it with your hand, the scents will spread throughout the room …

The many traditions also include the typical Christmas music … I have put my favorite Christmas music in a playlist … scroll all the way to the footer of this blog and you will find it.

Traditions do not arise by themselves … they arise because older generations pass it on to the younger generations!

Never consciously, but every year something falls from the Christmas tree to the ground … maybe it is a kind of undesirable tradition … but the Dutch proverb says “shards bring good luck” (scherven brengen geluk).

The tradition continues …

I wish everyone a peaceful and corona-free Christmas.

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too old to die young, but still making love and not war

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