About me

I am a married man living with my beautiful wife Marjan in Vlissingen, the Netherlands. My two adult daughters are now living on their own, also in Vlissingen.

I am living the second half of my life. By using the knowledge I learned during the first half, I am trying to understand life as it is and give my two cents to you all.

The most important thing when giving my two cents is, that I realize that my two cents are worth just two cents. But together with the two cents of you all, it can grow to a fortune!

I like to commute with my recumbent and use a Bullitt for the daily transport.  Unfortunately, from Januari 2015 till Juli 2019 my work was in Pernis, and therefore was forced to use a car.   150.000 kilometers later, my bloodpressure was 200 mmHg.  But from August 2019 till May 2020 I was using my velomobile again to get to work ! And with help of some medicine, cycling got the pressure to a normal level again. I am open to a new job, but I want to do my commute by bike.

20200820-wimharwig.com-8-2-1Photography is a part of my life too. I own just a simple Canon 120 for the snapshots, a Canon 5D for more serious situations and Lightroom 6 to develop what comes out of the camera. I show some of the photos on my portfolio.  If you’re interested you can have a look there !

I am a man of few words, but a lot of images, original fantasy and an optimistic view on our future …


One thought on “About me

  1. Hi Wim,

    I’ll cycle through the Antwerpen area (and Benelux countries) in 2 or three days – am actually in Bonn. It would be great if we could cycle some kilometers together or have a meeting. Please tell me if that is possible from your side.

    All the best,



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