LED daytime running lights

One of the two LED daytime running lights had broken. Since the lid was loose for maintenance, I immediately renewed both.

Yesterday I asked Velomobiel.nl which lights they use for this. They are these that they order in large amounts at Conrad, they are most likely not for sale at a local electrical store.
Today I already received two new LED lights from Theo by post.
Fabulous service by Velomobiel.nl!


The 552 is open again !

Normandy, France.

We went travelling for a few days with our old camper. After months of unemployment in our small family bubble in a world with COVID-19 and many sterile job applications, the need to see a different environment was great. The general advice is to avoid crowds and therefore Normandy seemed a suitable target.

Le Cap Gris-Nez was clearly too busy with vulnerable people for COVID-19

The first night we stayed in the beautiful forest near Guines. This forest is a good example of the way a large mixed forest is maintained in a fairly natural way in such a way that modern people can recreate (Nordic walking, mountain biking, jogging, walking, dog walking, etc.) and at the same time, the natural environment beneath it does not suffer too many adverse effects.


The next day we drove to La Roche d’Oëtre in Normandy.

Due to the many WhatsApp use it was possible that we met our daughter and her friend (who was also on vacation) here.

Then we went to the beach at Sémaphore de Jardeheu.

Here you are in the middle of the Channel, where the largest and most important shipping routes run along. A beautiful coast with red granite, where thousands of gannets flew by on their way to the English Islands. Many local fishermen were busy collecting fish with their small maneuverable boats. For my own convenience, I forget that there is a huge nuclear power plant nearby … at home I also live near Borsele.

As will be clear, I enjoyed making photos …

as it should

For the first time, I see how it should be done.

I have been annoyed for years by the way people deal with the removal of obsolete buildings. But now something is being broken down the way it should. This building has been used by Pouwelse Tuinen for years.

Now it has to make way for the construction of new houses. Because years ago it was decided to build in wood, the building can now be disassembled after all these years and set up somewhere else.

Almost nothing is destroyed!

I am afraid that the new houses will be made of expensive concrete and stones with a lot of plastic frames that cannot be recycled.


They are well cared for by their parents, these young turtledoves in our backyard. It’s fun to take pictures of them.

classic fallacy

Last night I suddenly woke up to realize that I was making a classic fallacy in my so-called selfie through the bathroom mirror. It is not a selfie, but a registration of the image as I am used to seeing myself. For the rest of the world, it is a mirror image … To make a selfie of that mirror image, I have to mirror the photo again!

mirrored mirror selfie

Only people who meet the full beauty ideal because they have a symmetrical appearance do not have to do this.

Blue Funnel nostalgia (blauwpijpers)

In my thoughts, I was briefly back in the 1970s when I sailed as an engineer at NSM “Oceaan”.

Just a few videos I found on the worldwideweb to get an idea …

torn apart skeletons of Thermphos.

I took these photos in January 2020. Torn apart “skeletons” of Thermphos. They were located on the square, which was temporarily used as a kind of cemetery. All the RA-contaminated “meat” was taken off and sprayed off. Not long after, the entire building was toppled with explosives …

I’ve taken tons of photos and because playing with those photos helps process the past, I’ll probably publish more in the future.

Cycling in Vlissingen-Oost

Today I cycled a bit through the industrial area of Vlissingen. A lot has changed. And before new installations can be built, the old one must first be safely demolished. EPZ’s coal-fired power plant has been out of operation for years and its chimney is now being demolished. Of all Thermphos buildings, only the skeleton of the Zuurfabriek is still standing. Who would have thought in the past that the Zuurfabriek would be the last to remain standing proudly?

Zeeland Refinery

At the end of the pier you are almost in the middle of the Westerschelde, a fabulous place to take pictures

Oostende in the background
Terneuzen in the background
DOW Terneuzen


Dragonfly was once the name of a band in Vlissingen.

I thought of Rudy de Queljoe when I photographed this dragonfly in our garden.

Canon 100-400 mm handheld

funny, that seeing a small insect takes you so far back in your thoughts.

hot and hazy on the Oosterschelde

New Normal ?

I am clearly unable to cope with the new normal that the rising carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is bringing about. A few days 35 degrees Celsius in Vlissingen … and now I suffer from migraines. Almost all I did was sit in the shade and take pictures from there … and reading books … a lot of books !

In one of those books I have learned how Extinction Rebellion originated and the means it wants to use to achieve its goal. The many heat records in the past period, the “new normal” to just plant a palm tree in the garden (that just feels at home in the Netherlands !!!), the “new normal” to have vineyards in the Netherlands, etc. are signs that cause a good motivation to think about what the hell we are doing.

walking the dog

always beautiful, just walking the dog on the island of Neeltje Jans

with this kind of music in your head …

in our garden …

Yesterday the temperature reached 36 degrees Celsius in our garden. I have done almost nothing but observe what happened around me …

There is no chaos in the natural world …

… but you’re only able to see the order after many years. Only then you can notice what you considered chaos, repeats itself every year with exactly the same colors and the same pattern.

Unfortunately, it also takes many years for people to see and feel the slow change to a different climate.

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