Socialism becomes cool again !

In Another Now, Yanis Varoufakis and Richard Wolff discuss the current situation in the world. I particularly liked the (auto) biography of Richard Wolff because he never wrote much about it.

This conversation made my day … Highly recommended to pour yourself a drink, get something to eat and watch this video for an hour …

Since I now have the luxury of thinking a little more superpersonal and refining my paradigm, I bought some reading material for the next months

I thought there would still be a copy of Das Kapitaal in my grandfather’s legacy, but unfortunately I had to buy it new. It was striking that no copy was present in the largest bookstore in Zeeland (de Drvkkery) … it had to be ordered first.

Wich side are you on ?

the garden today

Grandma plays vinyl !

Marjan has found a 45 rpm record that she often set in her own youth. The old 60-year-old technique of listening to music still works for the one-year-old granddaughter … she has only been able to walk for a month, but she is now also learning to dance …
The Dutch texts of Annie M.G. Schmidt are timeless!
It is great fun to look after grandchildren as grandparents, when their parents are busy with their work … and music also belongs to education.

In about ten years time it will be time for grandfather to play some vinyl for her (Ten Years After Dikkertje Dap) … 😉

J.F. Harwig

In this old 1949 film, my grandfather also happens to be in the picture. He knew that the film crew would visit my hometown Vorden and took the opportunity to demonstrate in favor of the state pension. Later the “General Old Age Law” would be introduced by the Drees government.

The fragment starts at 24 minutes and 50 seconds (24:50).

the next link is for the film (For as long as Omroep Gelderland maintains it)

The bike being talked about is very different from the cigar (velomobile) I use as his grandchild …

My grandfathers “quatromobile”
my “velomobile”

Altough the film was made long before I was born , I highly liked it !

Farmers spray a lot of water nowadays …

Farmers spray a lot of water nowadays … But the natural environment still contains sufficient moisture in all shapes and forms, which is clearly visible after a relatively cool night and a cloudless warm day.

A naturally mixed forest with a dense undergrowth can buffer and retain a lot of moisture. Unfortunately, as a result of climate change, the droughts are getting longer and longer … But the bare industrialized monoculture fields around the farms need artificial watering within a week after the last rain. Farmers often extract this water from natural sources, so that the distant natural environment of the farm suffers.

I often wonder how long people can still make photos like these in North-West Europe .

usually the beauty is in the detail

I only observe without knowing exactly what I register … after all, wealth is a deep understanding of the natural world … and I don’t have that wealth due to a long career as a process operator … but I’m trying to catch up in the time that I have left.

Too often I see people walking through nature while talking loudly to each other and keeping their eyes continuously 2 meters in front of their path … They see less than 1% of what is happening around them. If they deviate from the path for a while, it is to leave their faeces in the shoulder, larded with a snow-white piece of paper.

If you follow the tourist herd, you walk through their shit.

It takes more and more effort to avoid the roads and paths of these tourist herds.

The last trip I didn’t even take photos of these faeces, it was too dirty and filthy ….

Vogelbescherming Nederland

My wife is gaining more and more experience in recognizing birds, flowers, mushrooms and all kinds of other life in nature. One of the indispensable things that she uses are except for the countless books … binoculars from the Bird Protection Netherlands.

Grauwe vliegenvanger
Grauwe vliegenvanger
Grote Lijster

The past 2 days we have gained some “nature” vitamins in the Ardennes, as she calls it …

36 years ago

36 years ago I decided to continue living with Marjan.

no regrets !

new cleats

8 years ago I bought my Shimano sandals and today I had to renew the cleats, because I had troubles with my left cleat.

I placed them relatively far under my foot, because my heels protrude less deep under the Quest and of course also because I suffer less from less blood circulation in the soles of my feet (numbness and cold feet).

Then it was coffee-time …

The moment I wanted to try out my new SPD’s it started to rain cats and dogs …

Nature needed the rain !

grandmother’s tricks

Grandchild gets whimsy and needs a short nap, but she doesn’t realize this herself and you can’t explain it to her either. In this situation, grandmother lovingly presses her to her chest and hums a lullaby …

always works …

It worked so well … that Grandfather almost fell asleep too …

Expressions of the fight against the Covid-19 virus

In this Corona era, a farewell reception for someone retiring looks like this … Everyone outside at a safe distance from each other, no shaking hands, no pat on the back, etc. Fortunately a lot of humor and nice speeches.

Roel: I hope you can enjoy your well-deserved retirement for a long time in good health!

If we may meet again … we’ll have a “peukie” together

de Achterhoek

We spent a few days in the Achterhoek, the region where I was born and raised. Memories, memories, memories and beautiful nature!

Eating “halve Haantjes” at Hotel Bakker

In between we also went to Ermelo to visit the grave of my brother Johan.

and to Winterswijk to visit my sister

and also to the Boy Scout group, where I used to have fun … although the accommodation has been completely renewed.

and we also visited “Turf”, the former group leader of the Boy Scout who nowadays has a very luxurious tent for camping …

But only because of the typical Achterhoek scenic landscape I went back 50 years in mind … I feel that now as a “tourist” I see much more reason to make photos than someone who has stayed in the Achterhoek all his life. The region has its own character, which you only see and appreciate if you have not been there for a while.

Due to the corona crisis, many more Dutch people are going on holiday in their own country! We could see and hear them, there were many walking and cycling tourists … for people who like peace and simplicity it was almost too busy …


Today jackdaws ate all the food that was meant for the crow …

Sometimes I get the impression that the natural social behaviour among jackdaws was an example for the Republicans in the USA. Read for instance this quote in Wikipedia: …

“In his book King Solomon’s RingKonrad Lorenz described and analysed the complex social interactions in a western jackdaw flock that lived around his house in AltenbergAustria. He ringed them for identification and caged them in the winter to prevent their annual migration. He found that the birds have a linear hierarchical group structure, with higher-ranked individuals dominating lower-ranked birds, and pair-bonded birds sharing the same rank.[64] Young males establish their individual status before pairing with females. Upon pairing, the female assumes the same social position as her partner. Unmated females are the lowest members in the pecking order, and are the last to have access to food and shelter.[64] Lorenz noted one case in which a male, absent during the dominance struggles and pair bondings, returned to the flock, became the dominant male, and chose one of two unpaired females for a mate. This female immediately assumed a dominant position in the social hierarchy and demonstrated this by pecking others. According to Lorenz, the most significant factor in social behaviour was the immediate and intuitive grasp of the new hierarchy by each of the western jackdaws in the flock.[64]

Female Jackdows are lucky that all Jackdows are black 😉

And because I was busy with the camera photographing the Jackdaws, I also made a tour through the rest of our garden.

Covid-19 time is gardening time !

the crow

I have a soft spot for crows. The carrion crows that had their territory where I usually walk our dog have disappeared. I don’t know why, because it was a strong family who had lived there for many years. Last April the female was still brooding in their nest and I saw her male (together with their last year’s young) feeding her regularly during brooding. Suddenly they were all gone… I hope they haven’t been chased or killed by humans …

In recent weeks, another carrion crow visits our garden regularly. He searches and forages for food. He already has a fair view of the people who live in our street, because he is observing us daily from the rooftops.

I don’t want to tame him, but I would like him to clearly recognize and greet me. Every now and then put down a bit of food and keep making the same sound as a greeting to him … should work to take away his fear of me.


These days I keep thinking about the lyrics of this song , written by a Nobel-prize winner… timeless.

“Don’t forget that you are white”


In the following video, the text is more or less interpreted….

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