changing lenses …

I woke up early and together with the rising sun I saw the moon disappearing behind the mountain top…. I had to change lenses … ultra-wide to tele-lens … took a few seconds … no time to get the tripod …  but I like the result … earth and moon … same material, different situation.Continue reading “changing lenses …”

digging in my archives ….. 1

I started to digitalise my old negative-albums …. it will take years ….  but to keep motivated, I’ll publicize some of it …. This first post has some old photos I made when I participated a demonstration in the Hague.  I accompanied a singing group “Links Kollektief Walcheren”. I used Kodak Tri-X, which I bought as 30-meters. ExposedContinue reading “digging in my archives ….. 1”

I had good experiences with the books of Therefore, I let them print one of the photos behind acrylic glass. This is very unsatisfactory and I will not do again soon. An experience … judge for yourself …

The Essential Collection of Documentaries On Photographers Online

An almost complete list ! I have been watching interesting videos for hours and hours …. The Essential Collection of Documentaries On Photographers Online.   John Paul Caponigro gets all the credits for this collection ! You sure have to read his stuff on his interesting site ———————————————– Sam Abell | View  Ansel Adams | View 1Continue reading “The Essential Collection of Documentaries On Photographers Online”