Sometimes I spend hours post-processing a photo … sometimes even days … and that is the best part of the hobby!When recording the raw material you have to make a quick decision, because there are people walking straight through the image, the light changes every moment, you have cold half-frozen fingers, the batteries are almostContinue reading “BEFORE – AFTER”

Intimate portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama – in pictures | Art and design | The Guardian

I enjoyed these photos … inspiring!  Callie Shell’s new book shares candid images from the 10 years she spent photographing the family Bron: Intimate portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama – in pictures | Art and design | The Guardian

Marjan on the cover of Rolling Stone

Okay, not really on Rolling Stone, but on the front page of Op de Hoogte. The magazine of IVN Walcheren. One of her photos was chosen by the editors for the magazine. The other photos can be seen from 1 June at the exhibition in the Schellach cheese farm.


It’s known as an “Pueblo Abandonado”, but I’m not sure if it really was left voluntarily … Esco “A Franco-era dam flooded (almost) everyone out of this centuries-old Aragonese town.” Source: Abandoned Village of Esco – Sigüés, Spain – Atlas Obscura If you’re careful and aware of the dangers of an unlocked ruin, you canContinue reading “Esco”

Robert Capa

This text shows how a documentary photographer works … with feeling and empathy … because objective stories and photos do not exist. Lorant immediately assigned Capa to do a story for Picture Post about the camps, but the photographer could not yet bear to face the humiliation that his Spanish comrades were having to endure at theContinue reading “Robert Capa”

she has discovered my 70D

She hopes to become a grandmother within a few months and that gives inspiration to learn to photograph.She does not listen to remarks that the learning curve takes a few years. She is not afraid of the white letter “M” …. in need she can always set the green colored letter “A”. All good photosContinue reading “she has discovered my 70D”

The future of photography ?

Image processing taken to the next level ? Is Meero the future of photography ? On their site they explain :  “How can an algorithm perform as well as a professional photographer when executing such a subjective and complex task? The answer resides in the principle of gradient-based learning. By using a deep neural networkContinue reading “The future of photography ?”

Women of the world

My Lady gave me a nice gift.A book.A photo book.A photo book with portraits.An atlas.THE ATLAS OF BEAUTY. women of the world in 500 portraits If a picture tells a thousand words,then a portrait of a woman tells a hundred thousand words … A book with fifty million words ! When reading this book, IContinue reading “Women of the world”


For almost a year I didn’t add photos to my 500px-profile. I used the site only for inspiration by studying the high quality photos made by good photographers. Yesterday I uploaded a few photos just to let my followers know that I’m still alive … Now I’ll have to wait a few days because IContinue reading “500px”

be prepared …

… for the coming winter.  In winter I leave many photo opportunities pass because I’m prone to cold fingers. That is why I have already bought gloves, which are said to be ideal for photographers. The Heat Company has already delivered them after 3 days! I ordered the softshell. To make sure my fingers stay warm whileContinue reading “be prepared …”