Robert Capa

This text shows how a documentary photographer works … with feeling and empathy … because objective stories and photos do not exist.

Lorant immediately assigned Capa to do a story for Picture Post about the camps, but the photographer could not yet bear to face the humiliation that his Spanish comrades were having to endure at the hands of the French, who, he later wrote, “received the exhausted Spanish refugees with the cruel indifference of the people who are warm and well fed.”

It is only after a certain period of time that the difference becomes clear between good photographs and unpretentious snapshots.

No fucking photoshop, no manipulation, no creative art … just a photo recording the light.

It has been 80 years since Robert Capa made these important photos. He would then take many more important photos during the Second World War …

The news agency of which he was the co-founder, Magnum, has written a very nice article with fantastic photos!

It is worth the time to read the article and especially to study the photos and to let your feelings work!

Do you realize that the current news media want to pay almost nothing for a photo? The current press photographers can’t live off the proceeds. Usually, they are paid for their living by their partner’s salary, making the documentary photographer’s profession a poorly paid hobby.   (click here for recent news on this item)

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