Sometimes I spend hours post-processing a photo … sometimes even days … and that is the best part of the hobby!
When recording the raw material you have to make a quick decision, because there are people walking straight through the image, the light changes every moment, you have cold half-frozen fingers, the batteries are almost dead, the conversation with your partner that you actually don’t want to interrupt, the cold wind in your watery eyes, etcetera, etcetera …

With such recordings, I spend a long time correcting what I did wrong during the recording.
That’s the reason why I always shoot in RAW with my Canon-equipment.

Before and After postproduction in Lightroom.
Before and after postproduction in Lightroom.

Those are the moments that I feel more like a painter than a photographer. I only use Lightroom, because I don’t want to change the photo … I basically use the same techniques as 30 years ago in my Darkroom. I sometimes push up to 100% black to let the background disappear.

before – after
colour – black/white

Beware: if you consider photography to be your hobby, you will spend days enjoying creating on a computer screen without making money with it. The earnings go to the countless editors who’ll steal your photos because they have no respect for photography.

But nevertheless, it will make the world a nicer place!

Just my two cents …

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