she has discovered my 70D

She hopes to become a grandmother within a few months and that gives inspiration to learn to photograph.
She does not listen to remarks that the learning curve takes a few years.

Marjan uses the Canon 70D

She is not afraid of the white letter “M” …. in need she can always set the green colored letter “A”.

keep an eye closed …

All good photos start with watching, very good looking at a story. A story of a thousand words …

now Hitch has to deal with two photographers on his walks …

A good story cannot be lived, it can only be told or captured in a photograph afterwards. In the Eighty Years’ War no one said after forty years “Fortunately, we are at the half.”

That is why it is only after a certain period of time that the difference becomes clear between good photographs and unpretentious snapshots.

I love that girl, even though she will soon be grandma ….

Some of the photos she made :

Marjan focuses on the small details in nature, while I usually capture the landscapes and vistas.

Veere, seen from Neetje Jans.
The industrial area of Vlissingen-Oost, seen from Neeltje Jans.
nature is ready for spring

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