archiving is progressing

  Marjan is lucky. Her father was a mate (deck officer) and sailed all over the world. In the many letters that her mother wrote to her father, a picture of the Netherlands in the fifties was described. Of course, Marjan now also gets a good impression of how her parents were …. Unfortunately, IContinue reading “archiving is progressing”

situations at home

I came home from work and found Marjan busy reading old letters from her parents ….       one of the famous “old shoeboxes” ….                               documentarization is a separate discipline  and can be done best in the evening withContinue reading “situations at home”

old time … new time.

Marjan wanted a clock in our kitchen … I remembered that I inherited the last pocket  watch of my grandfather and still kept it in a closed cabinet for about 15 years…. While I put the spring of the watch back on for the first time  … it immediately started running! While walking with the dogContinue reading “old time … new time.”

blue hour at the start of the day

#NeeltjeJans                             and slowly blue hour changes into golden hour ….                                                              Continue reading “blue hour at the start of the day”


A cozy evening in an old farmhouse ….   It is a challenge to make photographs with the light of an oil lamp   I never ask people to model The old farmhouse is in its original state and is home to church owls, swallows, mice, dogs and many other animals that occur in theContinue reading “Krommenhoeke”