Night of the night whith friends … First some talk … a cosey evening with a good diner … colours of autumn … always searching for …. Krabbeneiland Middelburg cat of the neighbours … preparing the firepit … blue hour lasted only minutes … ready for some good conversation …


I was inspired by the blog of , so I decided to walk the dog near Veere to make some photos. It was very misty this morning …. the beauty of the craft is in the detail Noordzeestrand a narcissistic spider made his web in front of the rear view mirror I thought of Lars van deContinue reading “Veere”

strolling with Hitch near Dishoek.

I got out of bed early, to make some photos short after sunrise. The light is best during sunrise Hitch is good company while looking for good compositions Spiders do not have much time left to forage for winter … The morning dew betrays their ingenious webs … The solarium is waiting for Indian summerContinue reading “strolling with Hitch near Dishoek.”


My daughter had to present a “twenty-minute dance”, as well as her fellow pupils at the dance school. There was no objection that I made photos … so I did my best. This is a first serie …