Every now and then there is someone who wants to show the difference. And the idea is so simple, that it’s being copied easily. I wonder how many photos were taken with this setup … The first one was taken in the Netherlands, (I think in Amersfoort) for the ENWB. A here is a follow-upContinue reading “bus-car-bicycle-velomobile”

stainless steel …

… doesn’t mean maintenance-free. Six of the spokes in the front-tire of Marjan’s bicycle broke while it was standing unused in our shed. Bad quality, I guess.  I renewed them with normal but tougher ones.

The Neistat brothers are back …

I read this article in the NYTimes.com and remembered their first video about stealing bikes.  Now it is Casey Neistat who made a new video. “I recently spent a couple of days conducting a bike theft experiment, which I first tried with my brother Van in 2005.  I locked my own bike up and then proceeded toContinue reading “The Neistat brothers are back …”

interesting … DIY-cargo bike

OpenBikeWorks is developing a nice cargo-bike.  It got my attention, because their aim is to build the bike without any welding needed !    Every average sucker (as I am) can drill holes and play with bolts and nuts, just no welding please because that requires craftsmanship gained in many years.    I expect that “Do-It-Yourself” willContinue reading “interesting … DIY-cargo bike”