Bilenky Cycle Works

I liked this short portrait of Stephen Bilenky ….. I don’t mean the culture of bearded old man or the craftsmanship of building bicycle-frames …..  I mean the way this vimeo-portrait was made …. as simple and beautiful as the bicycle frames and with the same sort of craftsmanship.  maybe Le Cadre Frameworks will be portrayed thisContinue reading “Bilenky Cycle Works”


Every now and then there is someone who wants to show the difference. And the idea is so simple, that it’s being copied easily. I wonder how many photos were taken with this setup … The first one was taken in the Netherlands, (I think in Amersfoort) for the ENWB. A here is a follow-upContinue reading “bus-car-bicycle-velomobile”

stainless steel …

… doesn’t mean maintenance-free. Six of the spokes in the front-tire of Marjan’s bicycle broke while it was standing unused in our shed. Bad quality, I guess.  I renewed them with normal but tougher ones.

The Neistat brothers are back …

I read this article in the and remembered their first video about stealing bikes.  Now it is Casey Neistat who made a new video. “I recently spent a couple of days conducting a bike theft experiment, which I first tried with my brother Van in 2005.  I locked my own bike up and then proceeded toContinue reading “The Neistat brothers are back …”