The best in the category “stuff on the kitchen table”

In the “category stuff on the kitchen table”, this is a very special blog post. It is not often that your granddaughter shows her skills right in front of you on the table. For that reason alone it was a special day for me. The temperature of the ice cream was a new experience forContinue reading “The best in the category “stuff on the kitchen table””

These eyes will witness the world I’ll leave behind …

Especially now, in the year 2019, in which the Dutch politics (by becoming aware of a rapidly changing climate) reluctantly published the much-needed choices, these eyes for me have become a motivation to live environmentally conscious too. Of course, the measures are not nearly as effective as necessary. And of course, the plans are basedContinue reading “These eyes will witness the world I’ll leave behind …”

something special on our kitchen table

how are we going to explain this? our future on an ever warmer earth Some people ask me: How does that feel now that you have become a grandfather … and then I think of the book written by Jelmer Mommers … How am I going to explain it to Hera if I ever getContinue reading “something special on our kitchen table”