Famous Dutch Rapper

This man has become a famous Dutch rapper, just because his improvised song is shown on YouTube ! His name is Willem and in his song he speaks highly of his beer. He is mixing the techniques of RAP and a human beat-box. In the short video you can see his first hit.


Harold has a Mercedes with a star in the grill. The next video shows that old lady’s are not impressed by such expensive cars. See where the weakest spot is, so you can use this tactic the next time. So Harold, this is a warning ; be polite to pedestrians !

Tony’s war, what is it good for ?

I am glad that in Great Brittain there is a anti war movement still alive and going strong. Here in the Netherlands the politicians have made an agreement while forming a gouvernment. In the agreement they decided that there will be no investigation by the parliament for the details of the Iraq-war. So we willContinue reading “Tony’s war, what is it good for ?”