free sex

“gratis seks ! Bof jij even !” “free sex! lucky you!” Peter van Straaten caught my attention all my life through the beautiful drawings that appeared from him. The drawings themselves are often beautiful because of their simplicity, but the text below makes them both hilarious and philosophical … Try to cover the text rightContinue reading “free sex”

Afrikaanderplein, Rotterdam

I wanted to photograph a performance by an old colleague, Mario, who would perform on the Afrikaanderplein in Rotterdam. But apparently, I was too late (he had already left the stage when I arrived), so I decided to make a few “street photos” at Afrikaanderplein. And Mario, ….. Well, maybe I can make photos ofContinue reading “Afrikaanderplein, Rotterdam”

the changing climate

I often consider memes have the same function as photos … they tell more than a thousand words. During discussions on climate change and energy transition that I have with friends and colleagues, I often think of memes I’ve seen. It strikes me that the meaning of words and concepts is slowly but surely changing.Continue reading “the changing climate”