Afrikaanderplein, Rotterdam

I wanted to photograph a performance by an old colleague, Mario, who would perform on the Afrikaanderplein in Rotterdam. But apparently, I was too late (he had already left the stage when I arrived), so I decided to make a few “street photos” at Afrikaanderplein.

painted wall
vertical garden
basketball in the street
old and new in the heart of Rotterdam
“streetdance” battle
a lot of fans in the audience
always “easy going” in the park
it was a fair “battle”
Rotterdam is always busy with everything …
Rotterdam skyline
This man was playing his bass-guitar with passion …
When there is a feeling that you can share … you can often become the best friends
Right next to Afrikaanderplein is a beautiful botanical garden
a beautiful piece of garden with various trees and plants in the middle of a metropolis
As a countryman who lives in Vlissingen, I’m amazed that all the different cultures can live together on the Afrikaanderplein peacefully.
Probably it is sports, music, dance, food, art, gardening and general club life that helps to live together peacefully.

And Mario, ….. Well, maybe I can make photos of his reggae-performance next time. I’m sure that through his music, he is trying to give us all a feeling that we can share ! (and become best friends)

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too old to die young, but still making love and not war

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