My Sandwalk …

Charles had his Sandwalk near his house … mine is on the former work-island Neeltje Jans. I always walk in the company of my dog Hitch, named after Christopher Hitchens. My Sandwalk Away from the screaming advertising, the ever-present social obligations, the populists demanding political attention, the ignorant demanding people, the talk shows, the opinion-makers,Continue reading “My Sandwalk …”

Strolling together

Strolling with your partner, wife, muse, collocutor, sparring partner, girlfriend, lover … and still, be just the two of you … I guess I am a happy man! But don’t forget our dog … every second he makes sure that we don’t get too far apart … like a true shepherd, he makes sure thatContinue reading “Strolling together”

alternator broken in the Ardennes

We just wanted to see the splendour of the deciduous trees in autumn attire and went to the Ardennes for a few days. Unfortunately, the dynamo stopped when we wanted to go back home … Fortunately, we were helped by friendly people. Of course I made some pictures that reflect the atmosphere of our walkContinue reading “alternator broken in the Ardennes”