a piece of my sandwalk was stolen

A large part of my “sandwalk” has been declared a prohibited area by “Natuurmonumenten“. The last bit of sympathy for this organization has also disappeared.

On their site they show some nice photos and texts :

Is your heart in nature? At Natuurmonumenten we give plants and animals a larger habitat. This is the backyard where everyone can relax, play and enjoy. Here you will find beautiful nature and cultural heritage. We protect and maintain this. Are you participating? Join more than 700,000 others in the movement for nature.

Because if nature is there for us, then aren’t we there for nature?

My worldview is different: Nature is not there for us … we are part of nature; nature is inside and outside our body!
It is precisely during this period of the COVID-19 virus that it is clearer than ever that we are a small part in an unimaginably large and complex chaos that is constantly evolving …

Closing off a so-called “vulnerable area” that is being worked on by large heavy machines once a year on behalf of Natuurmonumenten has nothing to do with nature, but is a way of gardening at the expense of their paying members.

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