my recumbents

my recumbent

I own a Zephyr – type recumbent. It is made of stainless steel. Originally it is a low-racer, but the way I changed it it became a heavy commuter !

zephyr op OS waterkering

zephyr bij draaibrug Oost-Souburg

Since october 2007 I also owned Quest 215. I bought it in Dronten, at a very nice bike-workshop called Velomobiel.

speakers beside my head restraintI like to listen to music while dreaming away on my commute, but I hate the earplugs because I can’t hear the other traffic and my ears get full of that greasy stuff (cerumen)! So I bought some cheap speakers and build it on my Zephyr-bike. I am using a simple digital radio now, but I can plug in an Ipod as well (if I had one). For the same reason I use small loudspeakers in my Quest.

SON hub-dynamoIn Juli 2006 I bought a SON– hubdynamo for the Zephyr. It is working fine in combination with the DLumotec Senso Plus . I want to make it work in combination with a battery-pack, in the near future.

In wintertime I use my Quest all the time. This machine is designed just for those cold, wet and windy weather conditions ! From the day I cycled this new bike home from Dronten to my hometown Vlissingen (277 kilometers), I regret that I didn’t buy this machine years and years before. It’s a cold comfort that Velomobiel started producing Quests only in 2000.

For some photos see this page.

The next video shows the maiden-trip of my quest from Dronten to Vlissingen :

Then I got hit by a car …. and Quest 215 was damaged….. and repaired professionally by ;

After the car, I hit 10.000 km ;

commute by Quest 215 ;

In October 2011 I bought Quest 552 and sold 215. I also bought a tourcap from 

If you like to see some photos of recumbents, click here  and some photos of the Bullitt I use for heavy transport are here .


me in Quest 215 at the “oliebollentocht”
Quest 215
Quest 552

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