our house

our houseThis is our house. We build it in 1996/1997. It was a lot of work, but worth the sweat !

hhh2.JPGWe started buying some land in what was to become a new neighbourhood in Vlissingen. .logs all aroundBy accident we were the first starters, so the first months it looked as if we were the only builders.one log on the other, simple as that ? We bought the wooden do-it-yourself kit from Finnhouse They did a wonderfull job (altough we had to paylots of space ! a lot). The first 5 weeks we had help from friends and family. They used their own tools and after 2 months our house was “wind and water proof”.

heating pipeWe have installed heating pipe in our floor so we don’t need any ugly heating radiators. It gives a pleasant warmth, but the only drawback is its slow regulation time. woodstoveSo we have a woodstove for the events we want a quick rise of temperature (and for a cosy atmosphere during long winterevenings).

planter on the roofOn our flat roof we’ve done some soil and mould held together under a small layer of turf. In the soil we planted some succulents.

Before doing it on our house, we tested it on the roof of our shed. And it worked out just fine !

on our shed
the stairs

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This is how it looks in 2018 :

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