Xtra cycle

While having a flu, I stayed in my bed  for a good sweat and a lot of coughing. Between those bed-scenes, I read some other blogs on the Internet. I found one which is called : bikes? rubbish! It is actually a bicycle-blog with very high quality-photos. I am glad to see that there … Continue Reading Xtra cycle


Saturday March 31- 2007 we had a ride on our bicycles around the “Oosterschelde” in the Netherlands. It was a bright sunny and windy day. We met at Simon’s house in Heinkenszand. He planned a route of about 90 kilometers long. After the ride Simon stood us a Heineken in … Continue Reading Video

where the races will be !

This video shows where the races will be held during Cycle Vision, 2 and 3 june in Amsterdam. See for all info this adress. You can see the track as it is seen from a yellow Quest at low speed.