Cycling the Dutch way …..

I made a short video in which you see just some cyclists on a bike path near a busy intersection in Vlissingen, the Netherlands. It was warm and sunny weather and because it was noon you see relatively more children. The way cyclists dress and behave is different compared to countries with less bicycle density.Continue reading “Cycling the Dutch way …..”

Good old cycling times.

When I first saw these videos, I had to laugh ! They show the British bicycle culture as it was way back in 1955. If you’re too old to die young, then you’ll go back in memory when seeing these two vid’s ……… Nowadays there are a lot of car-drivers in England who just hateContinue reading “Good old cycling times.”

fabulous people

We live in a world of economics. Everything is expressed in money. Even the time I watch television is of some worth to the advertising company’s. The medical health care, the lack of space on high ways during peak-hour, the seconds that it takes to prepare a McDonalds-menu, here in the Netherlands there even existsContinue reading “fabulous people”