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We live in a world of economics. Everything is expressed in money. Even the time I watch television is of some worth to the advertising company’s. The medical health care, the lack of space on high ways during peak-hour, the seconds that it takes to prepare a McDonalds-menu, here in the Netherlands there even exists something weird as tourist-tax ! Everything is money these days ………..

Like in the Roman centuries there was a small village in Brittany (according to the Asterix & Obelix cartoons) that stayed to it’s own habits and values, there is a small bicycle-business in the center of the Netherlands which exists of just a few cyclists who don’t want to compete with the given order of bicycle-manufacturers……

They have cycling in their blood and brains and that is why they know what a cyclist wants and needs. So there are no brilliant advertisements, no dazzling showroom, no endlessly promising texts and no hollow words. They only want to produce the best velomobile and sell as many as fairly possible. The best evidence of this strategy is the way one of these guy’s did PBP. He cycled with his velomobile from Dronten to Paris, then finished like many other randonneurs the famous Paris-Brest-Paris (1250 km route) and cycled back to Dronten again afterwards (totally about 2600 km ) ! When you’re able to do such things, you’re able to understand the needs and thoughts of a long-distance cyclist.

I don’t know for sure, but I think he must have met Asterix or Obelix or maybe even King Arthur somewhere near the forests of Paimpont. Brittany has lots of history hidden in those forests and all ages have their own Quests…..

But anyway……….; yesterday I ordered two tyres………… they were delivered today ! Excellent service is what a simple cyclist needs…………..

Vredestein made an error on their label; 50-406 should be 40-406………

Velomobile.nl expects that their quality will spread from mouth to mouth, so please see this post as a mouth to mouth promotion and judge it as heard from someone who does not own any capital stock. I am just wildly enthusiastic about my Quest-velomobile and therefore I sometimes mis the shiny expensive advertisement videos that are usually made for inferior bikes…….. I know; it’s all money………….

Because one of the old HPV tyres was not usable anymore, I cut it in half. Just to see how it was put together……… This one showed only one layer of canvass and a very thin and narrow layer of protection.

The outer surface could make some more kilometers than the 4000 it did till now, but a strange sort of curve in the length of the tyre made it bubble. Unfortunately I was not able to show it on video.

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  1. Hey Wim, your posting reminded me to the major topic of a book I’ve read recently: Small is Beautiful by E.F. Schumacher. He was talking about Buddhism Economics, economics as if people mattered. A job that satisfies all your needs and does not in the first place give you only a high salary.


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