multinationals ….

Today I assisted my daughter to get some furniture for her new house. We visited Ikea for some cabinets and had a quick lunch at MacDonalds ……  

I felt an internationalistic consumer rather than just a Dutchman. Using Swedisch chipboard furniture, eating American fastfood, driving on Russian gaz, and so on, etc.


oh well part 2

Peter Green was a genius. All my life I listened to “Oh Well” every once in a while. Since the beginning I liked part 2 more than part 1, but somehow they fit together as one song. If I’m busy in my head, the song makes me feel comfortable again. And on Sunday evenings, only part 2 is fine too …  it reminds me of the minimalist music of Erik Satie

In the old days, I had to turn the single on the turntable between  part 1 and 2. But now it is easy to listen without being disturbed  ;

sleeping beauty

Roeben took a photo while she was asleep on their couch after a hard day’s work…… My little girl has grown up and is a proud woman today. She is working hard and living intensely happy with her Roeben. What more can a father want?

Rea will celebrate her birthday tomorrow! 


I like to show an old photo, just to help memory to go back in time …….

Jes and Rea (on a photo made by a photographer at their elementary school)


We still keep a few notes she wrote in her adolescence. Like any young lady she skipped school occasionally and wrote nice excuse-letters for the teacher ……