velomobiles in action !

The Quest is a comfortable & fast trike for daily use. The Quest has two steering front wheels with drum brakes and a driven rear wheel. (tadpole configuration)

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4 thoughts on “velomobiles in action !

  1. I’m looking for life in the velomobile community in 2007, everywhere I look postings are years out of date. I’m in Cleveland Ohio, is anything on the go that I can practically get to? I’m in the midst of making a velomobile with battery assist for the commute to work.


  2. Here in the Netherlands the electric assist is not popular on trikes. Only bikes designed for the elderly people are beginning to use more and more electric assist.
    The only velomobile wich is in production with electric assist that I know of, is the “airo rider”, see;
    But because of the weight it is a less comfortable trike, when batterys are not used.


  3. I am of the opinion that electric assist is essential for widespread acceptance of velomobiles in the USA. The machines and their motor systems must be better integrated, lighter, and faster. At the same time, fit/finish and body integrity must improve, too. Adequate bumpers must be added as well.


  4. I also live in the Cleveland Ohio area and I am currently building an enclosed marine plywood trike with electrical assist planned for the future. Photos at Flickr, tag “plywood trike”


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