Victor Lucas

A fantastic photographer with a special feeling for bicycle sports is Victor Lucas.

you can see a portfolio here.


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  1. Would like to see more photos of Victor Lucas. When I click on the link, the screen is only black–no pictures.

    ALSO: where is the photo take where the bicycle riders are on the narrow rock ledge?

    Thank you.


  2. It may take some time for the slideshow to start ;depending on your connection.
    You can surf to (wich is being renewed at the moment) or
    The guy on the bike is Hans Rey and the story of the photoshoot is on his website , see ;
    The photos were taken at the west coast of Ireland; but better read the awful story on Hans website.
    You can find a YouTube video here;


  3. To Victor Luca

    I am amazed by your photos of Mountain Bikers on cliff edges and was wondering if I could have your permission to use them for some teaching I am doing on Recreation health & Safety?


  4. Hello Victor Lucas, I am interested in looking into a holiday to some of the locations on your web site, the hiking around steep cliff faces or biking those cool looking spots.
    I respect you fully,


  5. I am just one of the many who would like to know where that cliff face is. It just became part of my list of places to visit. Any body know?


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