wind, rain, hail, mud, and two flat tyres…………

The past 6 days I have had it all. Wind, rain, hail, mud and two flat tyres. I didn’t mind as long as I could stay in my Velomobile. Even the wind at 8 Bft (according to windGURU ) didn’t give any trouble, although I had to concentrate on the steering during crosswinds on the dyke’s in Vlissingen-Oost.

I may count myself lucky that the two flat tyres were more or less at the start and at the end of my commute. The back-tyre was already flat when I left home early for the morning shift and the right front tyre lost his last air just in front of the porter’s lodge of the company.

Because most of my commute I use cycle-paths alongside main roads, I  had trouble with the mud that is left there by farmer trucks. The rain loosens the mud on the roads, the cars blow it up and the crosswinds are blowing it on my spectacles.

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  1. Due to the bad weather, you will come to work the next 6 days with your mercedes, I understand ? Greetings, always excuses.


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