Dutch infrastructure for cyclists.

People who are curious to see how the dutch infrastructure for bicycle-paths looks like, can have a look at this video. The video is 25 minutes long. In the video you see all different kinds of roads and cycling paths situated in the northern part of the Netherlands (Groningen). Some recumbent-riders have formed an email-group and call themselves “Huneliggers“; and the group-members who own a velomobile regularly have a ride together regardless of the wether. The rainy whether is not unusual in the Netherlands 😉 and probably that is a reason why the velomobile becomes more and more popular. I think there must be roughly 1000 velomobiles in the Netherlands nowadays.

In relationship to the bicycle-infrastructure I was amazed when I read that Virgin found out that Amsterdam is the most bicycle friendly city in the world !

Portland is second and Copenhagen third…….. Well………. it’s only a list from Virgin and I’m sure that cyclists in those citys think otherwise, but the arguments that Virgin gives will be used by politicians………. positive; I hope.

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