Cycle Vision 2008

21 and 22 June I will visit Cycle Vision in Sloten (near Amsterdam,the Netherlands). I was there last year and made a video impression on this blog. I am planning to document some of the happening this year once again. If you’re able to be there ; be there ! You can find all the info here (English behind the flag)

I liked the next video of the 6 hour race at Victoria Park Adelaide. It looks like there is not a single Quest participating in this race ! Here in the Netherlands the Quest will form a majority among the race-machines.

I am impressed by the amount of public alongside the track. Of course there is much more open land and park in Australia, but I hope that Cycle Vision will find an equal sort of space somewhere in the Netherlands in the future. The race is more attractive for visitors when you’re able to follow each velomobile on the lap. By organising the races at a public park, the recumbentbikes and velomobiles will also be seen by coincidental passer-by. I think it is important that more and more people get used to the idea that recumbents are a “normal” presence in traffic !

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