Ride for the Roses

Yesterday I went to Goes, from where the Ride for the Roses was organised. 14,000 riders were joining this ride, and about 9000 of them did 100 kilometers. There were just 2 velomobiles. Pieter used his Alleweder A3 V24 and I was there with my Quest.

Some guys do a pre-ride ; this year they started in Groningen (where the ride was held in 2007) and did about 340 kilometers to Goes as sort of appetizer.  Next year the Ride will be organized in Bemmel (near Nijmegen), and I like the idea to do a pre- and after-ride next year ! The distance is no problem for a one-day ride (at least for recumbents).

This video shows my impression of the ride ;

But there are other videos on youtube ;

Derk made a video during the whole ride but in the next part he saw me and Pieter on the Zeeland-bridge in our velomobiles ….

lots of videos ;

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