Police unaware of accidents .

I called the police to make a declaration about the traffic accident in which my velomobile was damaged. A nice policeman explained that when the insurance-documents were filled in correctly, the police doesn’t do anything.

So I asked her where the statistics for dangerous traffic-situations were based on, if nothing is reported in situations like mine ………..   She murmured something about 1% and about special police-knowledge.

I have a strong impression that the police doesn’t know anything when it comes to safety-situations on bicycle paths. Only when people die or get seriously wounded in traffic accidents, it will be reported and play a role in the statistics.

From now on, I don’t give a shit for police-statistics !

It looks like a bike is worth nothing and cycle paths are just extra luxury in their thinking . But in my thoughts, my velomobile is my most important transport and cycle paths are a absolute necessity. Cyclist are vulnerable and weak compared to cars. Most cars weigh about 1000 kilograms , thus are absolute champions in confrontations with the 34 kg. of my velomobile. So I think it is fair that in the Netherlands cardrivers are legally more responsible than cyclist in case of collision.

But now this sad cyclist is missing his bicycle for a long time, while the cardriver is driving his car with a smile on his face and a few red scratches on his bumper …..

The next funny video shows the difference between their egomania and reality.