Bullshit !

I am a non-believer, I like to imagine and create. When I am not sure of my crazy imaginations, I make a joke and go on with my life…………………….       I think you can call me an Atheist.

I was laughing out loud when I read about a brochure that a lot of Christian organisations are printing. In the brochure they are pretending to proof that the evolutionary theory (Darwin) is not scientific. They plan to distribute 6.000.000 copys among the households in the Netherlands.

Unfortunately it is written only in Dutch. click on the picture to read it ;


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  1. Hi Wim,

    I am always hesitant to enter into the creation/evolution debate, simply because I know too little about both sides. The other day I was reading the Genesis account of the beginnings of the world, and this is what I wrote in my diary:

    The creation story leaves much to the imagination and exploration and investigation. In the Bible, we are not even given a glimpse of the actual physical workings of how it all happened (how the world was supposed to be ‘created by God’). We are just told that it did happen. Therefore it is no surprise that science is revealing aspects of how it all happened. To shun science all together therefore is foolish, surely. Humans are learning more and more about how our earth came about. Let’s just ask God that he will guide the minds and hearts of researchers in truth and un-biased directions, and to think and research without bias, including creation scientists, who may feel that they have a world-view to defend at all costs.

    I think that those who defend the biblical account of the coming about of this world we live in, especially the fundamental creationists, are scared to trust science. I think that they are so single-minded in their beliefs, that they are afraid that their identity itself (which is defined by their single-mindedness) is going to be compromised if they so much as look at research done by respected scientists.

    For any world view, one must accept the idea that there will always be evidence for and against it. Flexibility and willingness to listen to and unbiasedly evaluate others’ opinions is the only way that us humans are ever going to get along.

    As a citizen of this earth, this is one of my biggest challenges that I face when relating to people.


  2. Hey, I recognize the Stone Tree in the picture. It’s at the Laguna Route in Bolivia. I’ve cycled there 2 or 3 months ago. I’ll upload a picture in the next 1 or 2 weeks as I’m still updating my site.
    Here’s one http://www.traveljournals.net/pictures/171139.html

    Anyway, that question doesn’t bother me at all. I have my opinion on that and if some fundamentalists think they have to spread their insight to the general public with these advertisement brochures for their belief and religion, it’s their thing. I’ve seen and experienced that many times on my journey, all from fundamentalist christians I have to say, nobody from a different religion – I think that says something already!
    I know that (modern) science doesn’t have to do so. People are coming to them to ask what’s going on.
    Personally for me there are so many conflicts that show up when turning my head to religion(s) that I would get too much headaches if I’d do so.
    My religion is love. That’s something I can feel and experience. All the other things around me I can also experience, touch, feel, smell … There are endless things you can believe in that are not existent and you can’t experience, the only limit being your own creativity.
    During my whole tour around the planet, in so many places with many of them being spiritual ones for certain cultures, I never got a call from “above”. I never experienced anything “supernatural”. The only thing that I experienced very often was love!
    I don’t have a world view but I know what I want and I try to do this in harmony with the imperative of Kant.


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