playing for change

René gave us a link to “playing for change” . Some wonderful music is to be seen and heard.

At “cinema without borders” is written ;

Starting with a soulful guitar player in Santa Monica, California crooning, “Stand By Me”, which caught the directors attention, what would follow were many others singing the rest of the song. One year later, a musical mosaic was created, with harmony and peace being the links that bound them all together.

This empowering journey led them locales around the world, from New Orleans, to South Africa, to Tibet, to the Zuni Nation of the southwest, to the Zulu Nation as well as others. Each musician was charged with layering a single song over the previous artist thus building upon it. Over thirty musicians globally participated in this project and not one artist knew the other or came in contact initially.

Despite the cultural differences and diverse ideologies, what prevailed was the love and passion of the artist and their power to move their listeners. One thing is for sure, each one was connected to the other musically, so that in the end, truly there were no differences. Infused with power to unite, each musician had a story to tell, either songs of freedom or songs reflecting the oneness of us all.

Two videos are in this post. Don’t forget to visit their page :