Woodstock 1969

About 50 years ago I saw this film for the first time. The music and images are stuck in my brain. In times like the present with COVID-19, climate change, destruction of biodiversity, people fleeing all over the world ………. I occasionally take comfort from the images of what was the protest 50 years agoContinue reading “Woodstock 1969”

Grandma plays vinyl !

Marjan has found a 45 rpm record that she often used in her own youth. The old 60-year-old technique of listening to music still works for the one-year-old granddaughter … she has only been able to walk for a month, but she is now also learning to dance …The Dutch texts of Annie M.G. SchmidtContinue reading “Grandma plays vinyl !”

‘t is haos weer dee tied van ‘t jaor …

Op een kolde winteraovond, as ‘t vrus as ‘t bast. Op de vievers en de bekk’n daor glimt ‘t ies as glas. Op de bulten van de Hummelse hei ligt een dik pak snee. Op de lösse plekken in het bos loopt sporen van een ree. Ies kan liehn, ies kan liehn, Mèrgen gaot wi-jContinue reading “‘t is haos weer dee tied van ‘t jaor …”