6 days in Normandy

We’ve been walking around in Normandy. The part that they call “Little Switzerland”, near Falaise. The first day of this vacation, I found out that the glow-plugs of my old mobile-home didn’t work properly. “Doesn’t matter” I thought, “a Mercedes never lets you down !” And in my memory I went back in time to the days when I was a little boy; My father used to take us out on Sundays with an old car to visit family. Those trips always ended in “roadside pick nicking” because the car got a technical malfunction.

So every morning when we started the cold diesel engine, the battery had to do it’s best to make enough compression to induce combustion. This causes a lot of black smoke for the first 15 seconds ……..  But it worked well enough for us.

We hiked around and had a good time. Because I don’t want to rely on good-luck too long, we decided to return home earlier and have the engine fixed.

Because I took some photo-magazines with me, I was inspired to make better composed photos. Here are some examples :

You can find more on my Flickr-site.

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  1. Hope you’re having a good time in Normandy. The blackberries are amazing this year! Mind, we’ve been scratched to pieces collecting them from the hedgerows for jam making.


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