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Somehow I admire the Kiwi’s, the guy’s who have that typical culture that is originated from New Zealand.

The story of the Yike Bike is a nice example. The Flight Of The Conchords (also Kiwi’s) inspired Grant Ryan for the name of his blog !

It’s a nice song, by the way. see the next video;

But this post is about the Yike Bike. Developed by Grant Ryan, a typical Kiwi who brought his ideas to the “Old Western World”. I think his vision on personal transport has a great potential future. Although I personally stay at strictly human powered bikes, I think that the mainstream city people will adopt this new kind of electric bike smoothly.

Read all the nice stuff (and a fabulous video) at  http://www.yikebike.com/site/home

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  1. I Love “The Flight of the Conchords”!, They Friggin Rock! and have such brilliant songs. I constantly chill to their tunes but there show is just an added benefit and is so friggin’ hilarious.

    I have some Flight of the Conchords T-shirts!


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    Creative Communications Creator and Graphic Facilitator
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