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… for keeping stuff organized. All about my cycling will be mentioned at wimharwigcycling .  So if you’re only interested in cycling stuff …. change you’re settings 😉 

Bilenky Cycle Works

I liked this short portrait of Stephen Bilenky ….. I don’t mean the culture of bearded old man or the craftsmanship of building bicycle-frames …..  I mean the way this vimeo-portrait was made …. as simple and beautiful as the bicycle frames and with the same sort of craftsmanship.  maybe Le Cadre … Continue Reading Bilenky Cycle Works

Velomobile TV

This unmistakable USA-guy discovered recumbents and velomobiles and is very enthusiastic about it. In fact, he is so excited that he started a website/blog last December. Now he also added a TV-channel on YouTube. I hate don’t like the presentation , but hey ; we are all just amateurish on … Continue Reading Velomobile TV

Advertisement …

I can appreciate this advertisement. No screaming voices, no hollow text and no empty promises. Just “what you see is what you get”. What should be added, is the warning that only daily cyclists will understand and appreciate the humor !